Date: 27th March 2015 at 6:12pm
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Alan Stubbs has said that he feels the defeat against Rangers last Sunday isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and actually will be a good thing as ultimately it would be to our benefit! Such thoughts might sound strange but I think what he’s told the BBC does make sense.

Rangers’ two-nil win at Easter Road, the first win they’ve managed over us this season after the three times we’ve beaten them, is something that he feels the players ‘needed’ and if anyone thinks that the ‘wheels have fallen off’ they’re seriously mistaken.

Stubbs insists, that even following that defeat and the gap that Rangers managed to close, that the edge – whatever people might think – isn’t with them as a result as we’re still, largely, in control of our own destiny as such.

‘I think it could be what they needed, I really do. Sunday was a blip. It wasn’t the wheels falling off.

‘From when we’ve played them in the past it will be perceived that Rangers combated us and if that’s what people think and feel, fine.

‘We’ve lost one game against Rangers and beat them three times in the league, if that’s what you call a psychological boost then so be it. But, we’ve still got seven games to play, we’re still in the driving seat.’

Had we won that game the gap between us and third placed Rangers might have been too large for them to close, for what it’s worth going into the play-offs, but what it did was make sure that we didn’t then take our foot off the gas and take anything for granted!

When would we sooner lose? On Sunday in front of our own crowd in this regulation Championship fixture or in the play-offs! Yes, in the Championship with this used as inspiration to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

‘If we had beat Rangers on Sunday they could have fell into the trap of thinking we’re going to beat them no matter what. It could be a blessing in disguise.

‘I’d rather be getting beat off them on Sunday than in the play-offs. It’s a little marker in my players minds that they know that they’ve got to play at their top level to get a result.’

It goes without saying that we would like to finish second but Stubbs also knows that it’s not, even though we would of course play less games, of ‘greater significance’ as when it’s the play-offs it’s the play-offs, where you finish doesn’t matter as long as you’re the side that goes up.

Finishing second and then losing out in the play-offs wouldn’t mean a thing would it. The main thing is that we do go up!

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