Date: 17th February 2018 at 12:06am
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Very occasionally at Vital Hibs do we comment on other fans sites as basically, they’re run by normal guys with a passion for their own team.

Mostly fan blogs do exactly what they say on the tin. They give you news on your team, different perspectives on matches or goings on and transfer gossip. We all love transfer gossip.

I tend to read them where I can. You learn more about your opponents than the guff you read in the Scottish media.

Our media consist mainly for the purpose of telling lies on behalf of Rangers. Let`s not beat about the bush here. There`s been barely a critical article written about them since they reformed as a Third Division outfit 6 years ago despite limping from one crisis to another.

Our own Rod Petrie plays a role in this by wiping his hands clean of the failure to punish David Murray’s Rangers for years of financial doping by way of title stripping. The new Rangers are far worse than the originals in terms of a sense of entitlement all the while playing to a sectarian gallery.

Having posted substantial losses year on year since reincarnation our media tend to swan over the Ibrox side’s accounts and hail whatever cloud cuckoo plan is underpinning the going concern perils of a fallen giant.

If our media are to be believed then Rangers rejected a £9m offer for Alfredo Morelos. The same guy signed for under a million in the summer. When their club, as published in their accounts need a minimum £4m to keep the lights on this season. This was leaked to the Scottish press and they`ve bought it.

Random Chinese Club X offer huge sum (forget about the Chinese transfer levy which would double the transfer fee or the fact all clubs quoted have their quota of foreigners) and not one person questioned it? Well one did… said it was nonsense after contacting China directly but quickly retracted his tweet offering an apology to Rangers almost as quickly as it circulated.

Let`s face it. If Hibs were offered around ten times John McGinn`s true value we’d happily be skipping to the bank with £20-30m in our pocket. Perhaps Chinese Club X will make a bid for him prior to their transfer window closing on the 28th. We can dream but much like the Morelos story it`s a work of fiction.

Which brings me back to the main point of the story.

Ibrox Noise.

Now if you`ve never read it then it`s probably best to keep it that way.

They`ve bought into the Morelos story hook line and sinker but not only that…. they`ve embellished it.

Now there`s nothing wrong with promoting your own players if you run a fans website but these guys must live on fantasy island. Genuinely.

You know that right back who`s always having a nightmare against Hibs? If Anthony Stokes isn`t destroying him in a cup final, he`s scoring an OG or giving away a needless penalty?

Yeah… James Tavernier.

Turns out he`s signed a new contract with them and what do they believe he`s worth?

£5 million.

5 million pounds.

I mean, come on. Words fail me but if you think that`s bad, what price would you put on Josh Windass?

£800k on a fantastic sunny day?

Well you`d be wrong. Very, very wrong.

The fantasists at Ibrox Noise believe he`s a £3.5m guy.


All because he grabs a hat trick against Fraserburgh?!

Flabbergasting storytelling at it`s finest and given the, I quote, “minimum” £10m they`ll receive from the sale of Morelos seemingly that`s as good as £20m in the bank for the teddy bears.

M’lud I rest my case on banks of delusion.


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  • When everything goes awry at Ibrox again, and it’s coming, then The Peepul will need to find someone or something else to blame. Last time it was the nasty Nats, The SFA, The SPFL, Dundee Utd, Diddy clubs in general and of course Celtic. Conveniently forgetting David Murray. It’s NEVER their fault.

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