Date: 2nd October 2018 at 8:54am
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Last Saturday Vital Hibs wrote an article about fellow Premiership side Livingston FC and their controversial decision to remove the Scottish Sun and the Sun Group Newspapers from their Almondvale Stadium.

The contents of the article and the reason why we decided to run the poll in the first place can be found here.

In solidarity with Livingston, we asked Hibees….

Should we boycott the Sun?

A total of 63 readers (not a lot I know) voted out of 1000 + page views.

The result, as of the date and time this feature was published, in descending order.

Yes, we should boycott – 78%

I don’t read it anyway – 16%

No, we shouldn’t – 6%

As part of this article we have decided to keep the poll running just to see if the figures, over time, change.


I don’t have a grudge or any sort of vendetta against the Sun owners, News Corporation. However, I find the redtop’s headline-grabbing titles, on occasion too much to bear.

Some of their content is cringe-worthy. Enough said!

Similar subject

Local and national press organisations, as we know them have, over the years been laying off sports journalists in droves. Its down to financial pressures – less advertising revenues, etc. The bosses are having to prioritise where they spend their resources and alas, sport/football reporting is not very high on their agenda.

I will be surprised, within ten years if there are any publications still in print.


The way we receive our news, sport, even the way we watch TV has changed. Whether we like it or not we are now living in a digital age.


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