Date: 23rd March 2015 at 12:16pm
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Head coach Alan Stubbs has implied that no other referee in the world would’ve let Rangers second goal stand in yesterday’s two nil loss to them.

Whilst not being particularly happy with the performance of the players on the day, Stubbs saved specific ire in his after match press conference for referee Willie Collum for his failure to award a free kick in our favour in the build up to the goal that killed the game as an encounter.

Speaking to the press, he explained as tactically as he could given the regulations and fines that surround manager’s even looking at referees wrong in today’s game.

‘Can I say no comment in case I get into any trouble? I`ve been in management a short time. I was a player a long time. Over the years, that decision would be given 100 per cent of the time. I think that`s probably the best way to describe it without me getting into trouble. Not 90 per cent, not 99 per cent, 100 per cent. But a guy who has an influence over a game decided differently.’

A clearly frustrated and angry gaffer, went on to say that the referee would know himself when he watched it back on a replay, but in terms of what speaking about it in the press conference would achieve, he knew it was little and largely futile outside of a much needed vent about the situation.

‘When he sees it back again… well, there`s no point. He`s there to get the big calls right and he got a big call very, very wrong. There was no point speaking to him afterwards. Everyone in the stadium could see it was a foul. There’s no way you can dress it up – it was a foul. Paul was caught after he cleared the ball and in the laws of the game it was a foul. I don`t want to sit here and try to justify a decision. Only one guy can do that, but he`s protected and not allowed to talk. It spoiled the game, although obviously not from Rangers` point of view.’

The gaffer went on to say that the most disappointing thing was he felt we were in top in the game at the point as well and it just killed the momentum and the contest.

‘We were on top at the time and had Rangers pinned back. We weren`t necessarily creating clear-cut chances but the momentum was building and it was a huge blow to be stopped in our tracks like that. However, it won`t affect our season or what we want to do. We move on.’

Hanlon was singing from the same hymnsheet when he spoke to the press following the game as well, as he picked up a yellow for pointing out the referee’s error.

Although undoubtedly he wasn’t pointing it out politely.

‘Most of the stadium felt it was a foul. I thought it was but the referee thought differently. I read the pass, got in front of Wallace and went to clear with my right foot. I just felt like I was taken out. It`s disappointing a decision like that has maybe ruined our chances of getting anything from the game.’

He went on to say.

‘I wasn`t given an explanation, he just decided to book me for dissent even though I didn`t say much. I just said it was a foul, along with everyone else who surrounded him. I didn`t even think I was in his face but I think he just has to pick a player and book him.’

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