Date: 17th October 2018 at 10:03am
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When I get the opportunity to browse social media outlets, I can sometimes find myself flummoxed, irritated and on occasion, bewildered by the amount of useless information I end up looking at. And then, there are occasions when certain images and or comments make me laugh out loud.

Example of ‘out of the two (images) which is more embarrassing?’

This sort of material may float your boat and so ‘good on ya.’ Having said that, the above Tweet must have tweaked some interest as the number of likes, retweets and comments are relatively impressive.

Sometimes you will need to click on the Tweet to get the full picture of what folk is saying.

If you are not registered on the addictive platform, then all I can say is ‘bravo’ as you won’t have to suffer unnecessary tom-foolery.

There are of course a few sensible ones.

We at Vital Hibernian will continue to monitor the world of what is, social media.


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