Date: 26th September 2018 at 12:29pm
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Vital Hibernian has NO affiliation to the club, whatsoever. We don’t want, we never will, and that’s the end of the subject. Hence, while we’re an independent Network, I shall continue to say what I want when I want. The only thing I will refuse to do is slag off the club I love.

I won’t mince my words – simples!

Neil Lennon has been with us since 2016. So what?

On appointment, who remembers the following social media comments?

I am not a Lennon hater, but I am not overly fond of what he says and how he says it either.


Erm (scratches chin) I suppose the above comment could be construed that way.

Back to the point – Looking Smug & Getting Away With It

I haven’t looked hard to find the following Neil Lennon images. Trust me; I haven’t.

I don’t want to insult the single reader’s intelligence, but the word smug is defined ashaving or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.”

I’ll let you decide for yourself. Does this guy look smug?

If you agree with me is it because the former Celtic coach looks happy? Is he being tickled? Is he thinking about tickling someone else?

Like I said at the beginning about slagging off the club.

I don’t want to; I am merely pointing out the obvious. Right?


4 Replies to “Opinion: Looking Smug & Getting Away With It”

  • Another pathetic, pointless article, not even sure if this is just a jambo troll or just an idiot with no journalistic talent but whatever you are don’t quit the day job…

  • Has Lennon just won a cup? Has he finished “best of the rest” in the SPL? Are we in the midst of a Europa group stage adventure? No.

    Lennon got us promoted and got us 4th last season. So far so good. But, nothing special either, considering his budget. Our cup record under Lennon has actually been poor considering the amount of finals we had made it to before he arrived. And quite a few of his signings in his first 15 months failed (and were predictable failures in the case of the likes of Stokes). Overall, though, he is doing a good job, and he has us playing exciting football, albeit we keep dropping stupid points and still haven’t learned how to beat well organized teams.

    He doesn’t look smug. And he doesn’t look smug because he has no right to – he is just doing alright. He can look smug when he improves his cup record (which was quite poor at Celtic and Bolton as well) or gets us into Europe again, but actually has us beating a few teams rather than going out early to a a smaller club.

    • Hibs have been rubbish for years and now despite losing that superb midfield, he is getting us back to where we were before. I love him

  • I was trying to lighten the mood after last night’s result Bob. I am sorry this article wasn’t up to your standard. More of a tongue-in-cheek ditto.

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