Date: 26th September 2018 at 11:00am
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Coming off the back of Tuesday night’s penalty shootout defeat at home against Aberdeen I am of the opinion I’m on the brink of delirium.

Acutely disturbed state of mind, me?

Let’s get this over with. I am not happy with what Neil Lennon said post Dons match.

“From 20 minutes on, we were definitely the stronger team. Our football was of a very high quality. I take a lot of positives from it. I’m not going to bash them for that performance. We’re still a work in progress, but we’re a good side, and we’re a threat.”

Work in progress eh?

That footballing terminology is as old, if not older than the Royal Mile. Work in progress indeed.

Why doesn’t Mr. Lennon come out and say, we weren’t good enough?

I mentioned in my post-match article that if lady luck goes against you, what do you expect?

Talking about phrases I should have added; it also helps if you create your own.

Look, the boys played Aberdeen off the park but Neil’s, “ill take a lot of positives from it,” is in my opinion nothing short of a fudge.

Anyway, we move on.

Oh, and one last thing – if I end up with another disturbed mind / head after the St Mirren fixture at the weekend  I swear I’ll end up gunning for someone.

Now, where’s that medicine bottle?


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  • Hibs played well, and should have hammered Aberdeen, but once gain they have managed to beat us. We’ve only beaten them once in seven games under Lennon, so Lennon needs to have a look at his tactics, his selections, and maybe some of his signing. There’s no point in having loads of players who are neat on the ball if none of them can finish off basic chances. Exciting football is great up to a point – but it becomes frustrating if it contiinually comes to nothing.

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