Date: 5th November 2018 at 2:27pm
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Scottish politics south of the border is as exciting and thought-provoking as the phrase, ‘sectarianism.’ In other words, no one cares, understands or gives a damn. On the other hand, if an English person were to be accused of being racist then wow, hold onto your hat, all hell would break loose.

Let’s face it, Neil Lennon is as popular to many a bigot as a bacon butty is to a Muslim. I other words never the twain shall meet.

I am not a Lennon lover; in fact, I don’t care about what he does or says. I do however applaud his guts and guile for putting up with unacceptable behaviour which has been aimed at Northern Ireland born catholic since he left Leicester City in 2000 in favour of Celtic.

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Lennon incidents

Forgive me if I brush over many of the infamous incidents Lennon has witnessed since his Scotland move. I will, however, highlight a few occasions when he was subjected to vile, filth and downright hostility.

The following incidents are not in time and date order:

  • Attacked and grappled to the ground by opposition supporters.
  • Hit on the head with a coin.
  • Received bullets through the post.
  • Death threats painted on walls.

  • Been punched outside of a pub while enjoying an evening out with his mates.
  • Called every sectarian name under the sun.

Speaking shortly after the horrendous Hearts scenes when a coin hit his face last week family man Lennon said: “You call it sectarianism here in Scotland, I call it racism.’

“If a black man is abused, you are not just abusing the colour of his skin; you are abusing his culture, his heritage, his background. It’s the exact same when I get called a Fenian, a pauper, a beggar, a tarrier. These people with the sense of entitlement or superiority complex. And all I do is stand up for myself.

“I’ve been subjected to this for 18 years. I’m 47; I’m fed up of it. I’m the manager of Hibs now, and I’m still getting it. Hanging people is something the Ku Klux Klan did in the 60s to black people, so maybe that’s the mentality of the people who write this stuff. There’s a problem. It’s a big problem.”

Hearts vs. Hibs post-match presser (his view on the incident)

Football does matter – managerial career

Celtic, Bolton Wanderers and Hibernian

Total matches – 415

Won – 232

Lost – 96

Drawn – 87

The above statistics equate to a 55.90% win rate.

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Neil Lennon Would Jump At Any England Club Job Offer – Opinion

There comes a time in your life when you say to yourself, “enough is enough – will anything change?”

Neil said in his post-match presser that he never received any sort of abusive while he was Bolton manager and yet, as soon as he arrives in Scotland, Celtic to be precise all hell breaks loose.

In my opinion, if he were approached by any professional England based football club then it would be a no-brainer. In other words Lennon would be a fool to turn them down even if it was less of a challenge in favour of a quieter life.


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