Date: 6th November 2015 at 7:29pm
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Head coach Alan Stubbs has said that he feels sides are now fearing a visit to Easter Road given Hibernian’s home form.

In quotes carried by the Edinburgh News from his post game press conference after the three nil victory over Dundee United in the Scottish League Cup the other day, Stubbs explained that he felt our stadium was becoming a great fortress for the side this season.

‘You know as a player when you go away from home and you go to a big club you know straight away when you walk in the door you are going to be in for a really tough game. 
I did not necessarily get that impression when I 
first came in. The players have had to grow and deal with playing under the pressure of being at home, it was never going to happen instantly and it has taken a bit of time. I think when you are a club like Hibs, the feel is they are big clubs and you have to be able to rise to the expectation of that club.’

Stubbs went on to say that some players can cope with that expectancy from the off and others struggle, and again when he arrived at the club he didn’t get that feeling from enough of them that losing was unacceptable at the ground.

‘Some players cope with it, some players don`t. I think when I first came there was definitely that in their make-up, losing games, especially at home, was not acceptable. Our home form wasn`t good enough. I remember coming to Easter Road and it was never an easy place to come to but I felt it had just become a place where teams looked forward to coming. We have managed to change that and I think our home record is now very good.’

The gaffer did go on to admit it had been a long road to this point though with the draw at St Mirren carrying a five nil loss feeling for people, but now that this is the attitude and standard around the club, it has to continue.

‘The fans expect the team to play in a certain way and a certain style and I think it has been a work in progress. I think early on there was a little bit of me seeing if they could handle it and when you are at a big ground and not winning regularly it can affect you. What we wanted to 
do when we first came in was give the players a confidence first and foremost to go and play and I think off that they had a trust in me to be able to make mistakes but then react to those mistakes. We are probably bearing the fruits of that at this moment.’

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