Date: 29th September 2018 at 6:33pm
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I love a good old debate, whether it’s in a pub, or on a street corner.

On a personal note I would prefer to talk about football rather than politics, or whether the American President, Donald Trump wears a wig.

My opinion is no more important than the group I debate with. But, over the years a hot subject of contention is where fans of, say Hibernian, Celtic and Rangers reside.

It’s similar to the old age debate about the amount of Manchester United fans who live, work or come from the city.

Rumour and conjecture suggest there are more United supporters live south of the M25 than they do within in the Salford area.

News aggregation platforms such as NewsNow assist the likes of Vital Hibs spread the word. I appreciate the official Hibernian website promote the latest new etc., but those of us who have an ounce of intelligence knows the word coming out of Easter Road is sanitised.

Fake news

There are dozens of newspaper columns which would have us believe the world was square. Or that this winter is going to be the worst EVER. Regular Express readers will know what I mean.

100% Interactive: More Hibees Live In Edinburgh Than Celtic & Rangers Fans Live In Glasgow

The following LIVE and in real time widget will show who is reading this article.

I’ve mentioned internet aggregation services, and so this article should, by the laws of algorithm reach a specific audience.

You will see, in real time, the areas in the world where visitors are reading this article.

Flashing lights are those of you who are currently online. While the red dots are from previous visitors.

You can gauge for yourself where readers come from by clicking around the globe.

This experiment is not scientific. However, there is proof in the pudding – the next time you debate with an opposing fan about where Hibees reside. In other words, you can point them this way.

Not to worry

Vital Hibs nor any other site CANNOT harvest personal information from this experiment.

The final result will be announced in due course.


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